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We believe...

  • Each learner has unique learning styles and needs. 

  • Each staff member has a role to play in meeting each student’s needs.

  • Safe and trusting relationships create an optimal learning environment.

  • Best practices + collaboration + creativity + reflection = student success

  • Our entire community plays a role in dismantling inequitable practices so that all students achieve academic excellence.


Charm City Virtual Chargers will empower lifelong excellence and wholeness through contribution, collaboration, and innovation.


Charm City Virtual is committed to providing a rigorous learning experience in a flexible environment where all stakeholders are empowered and challenged academically, emotionally and intellectually through personalized learning, enrichment, and the creative use of technology.

Virtual Conference

Student Life

Charm City Virtual implements personalized learning as an educational approach to customize learning for each student based on strengths, skills, areas of need, and interests. A learning plan is developed based on what students know and how they learn best.

For Our Families

We encourage all Charm City Virtual families to engage in ongoing discussions with teachers around student performance.  Parents will be provided Week-at-a-Glance Schedules to ensure parents know what is expected of their scholar weekly.

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