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Distance Learning

Program Description

Throughout the course of the 2020-2021 school year, challenges from the COVID 19 pandemic provided opportunities for Baltimore City Public Schools to evolve in its approach to educating and instructing the 21st century learner. The pandemic and the educational implications surfaced the need for innovation. Baltimore City Public Schools seeks to provide an equitable learning experience, reaching the needs of all students through a flexible and accessible Virtual Learning Program (VLP). The program is a district-led program and will be available for students in grades 2-12. 


By offering a Virtual Learning Program, we will aim to improve attendance, reduce dropout rates, address barriers to academic achievement, provide opportunities for students to participate in dual enrollment options, while strengthening community ties with all stakeholders. The Virtual Learning Program’s goal is to provide equitable learning opportunities for students who have excelled in the virtual setting. It is also aimed to meet the needs of students who have health limitations and those who are continuously impacted by the coronavirus. 


We continue to examine and implement virtual best practices and virtual instructional structures to support a school-aged student. The elementary and secondary programs are committed to providing highly effective instruction grounded in grade level standards using virtual mediums. This program will provide personalized learning options to meet students’ individual needs, ultimately supporting their college and career readiness. Additionally, student wholeness will be prioritized to address and support our students’ social and emotional needs.


Through the VLP, we will expand online options and supports for student learning and achievement, reimagine and improve student and family engagement, and provide flexible learning spaces for students. The following are our goals guiding the development and implementation of the program:


Provide online engaging and flexible opportunities for students to learn.

Program Description
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