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Material Drop Off

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Grades 1-4, 6-7: Please register with this link (

We will have a material drop off for our students at PDC and Edgewood. This will give parents the option to go to the closest site to drop off all of their materials. We will have the Ice Queens and Kona Ice to provide one cold, sweet treat to each student that turns in their materials. Students are encouraged to dress like a superhero to celebrate the end of a Super School Year!

UPDATE on times!

June 6 | PDC and Edgewood will be 3-5pm

June 7 | Edgewood, 3-5pm and PDC, 4-6pm


Edgewood Elementary (1900 Edgewood St, Baltimore, MD 21216)

PDC (2500 E Northern Pkwy, Baltimore, MD 21214)

Grades K, 5, and 8: Materials can be dropped off during the drive-through celebration:

June 8 - Drive Thru Celebration for grades K, 5, and 8 @ Edgewood (12:00-2:00)

June 9 - Drive Thru Celebration for Grades K, 5, and 8 @ PDC (1:30-3:30)

What books were sent home? Use the arrow button slide through the different grades.

EOY Book return Flyer
Download PDF • 15.04MB

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