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The Double Good Fundraiser is Back!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Charm City Virtual had such great success during our first Double Good Fundraiser, we are doing it again! As a refresher, it is 100% contactless, we keep 50% of the profit, and the product ships right to your home. Popcorn buying is done on our own Pop-Up Store Site. Prices range from $16 - $99. It’s really delicious!

To participate in the fundraiser:

  • Download the Double Good app (available on android and iphone)

  • Enter our Event Code ZRR XPC in the app

Our fundraiser will begin on April 4th @ 9:00am and goes until April 8th @ 9:00am. All proceeds will be used to support student incentives and closing ceremonies. Our top three students with the highest sales will win amazing prizes just in time for spring break! Get Ready and Sell Sell Sell!

UPDATE! Here our the amazing prizes:

Top Seller: Nintendo Switch Lite

2nd Place: Echo Dot

3rd Place: LED Lights

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