Tech FAQs

We get many tech questions, and many can be resolved fairly quickly.  Check out these Frequently Asked Questions concerning tech to see if you can get your answer here!  You can also check out our Tech Support Page.

QUESTION: I am clicking the Zoom link, but it states that it is only for authorized users.  How can I get into the meeting?
SOLUTION: Log into Zoom first with the student login information, then click on the Zoom link.  CLICK HERE

QUESTION: I am logging into my City Schools' Chromebook, but it is asking me for my old password.  What do I do?
SOLUTION: You can click forgot password, then proceed.  CLICK HERE

QUESTION: I am a student.  How do I get to my class's Zoom link?
SOLUTION: You will sign into Clever, then go to the Schoology app and find your course and Zoom link.  CLICK HERE

QUESTION: I am a parent.  How do I get to my Schoology account?
SOLUTION: Parents can sign in through the app after downloading it from the app store, or by going to  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.  If the initial password provide on the DETAILS PAGE does not work, submit this form for your information to be updated.  

QUESTION: My keyboard is typing different characters than what I am pressing.  How can I fix this?
SOLUTION: You will need to update your keyboard country of origin.  CLICK HERE

QUESTION: I forgot my password.  How can I get it?
SOLUTION: You can ask your classroom teacher.  They have access to your passwords.

QUESTION: How do I use the Wacom?
SOLUTION: The Wacom will plug right into the Chromebook and connect as an external track pad and stylus.   Watch this video for more information.