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Tech FAQs

We get many tech questions, and many can be resolved fairly quickly.  Check out these Frequently Asked Questions concerning tech to see if you can get your answer here!  You can also check out our Tech Support Page.

KEYBOARD: My keyboard is typing different characters than what I am pressing.  How can I fix this?
SOLUTION: You will need to update your keyboard country of origin.  CLICK HERE


OLD PASSWORD: I am logging into my City Schools' Chromebook, but it is asking me for my old password.  What do I do?
SOLUTION: You can click forgot password, then proceed.  CLICK HERE

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 12.17.10 PM.png

FREEZING: My Chromebook just froze.  What do I do?
SOLUTION: Hold down the refresh button (above the number 4), and then press and hold the power button on the side.  The Chromebook should restart.  CLICK HERE

PASSWORD: I forgot my password.  How can I get it?
SOLUTION: You can ask your classroom teacher.  They have access to your passwords.

WRONG SCREEN: My student just finished testing, but their Chromebook is locked on the Test Nav screen.  How do I get out of it?
SOLUTION: Hold the power button on the side for a second and you will see the "shut down" or "sign out" options.  Select sign out and it will take you back to the log in screen.  WATCH HERE.  

Access to Links

ZOOM AUTHORIZED USERS: I am clicking the Zoom link, but it states that it is only for authorized users or asking for authentication.  How can I get into the meeting?
SOLUTION: Log into Zoom first with the student login information, then click on the Zoom link.  OR, click on the blue text "sign in" and then sign in with Google.  CLICK HERE

sign into zoom

CLASS LINK: I am a student.  How do I get to my class link?
SOLUTION: You will sign into Clever, then go to the Schoology app and find your Homeroom course.   In this course, you will find your schedule with all the links hyperlinked.  CLICK HERE

WHAT IS IT: What is Schoology?
SOLUTION: Schoology is our Learning Management System in which the bulk of the digital teaching and learning tasks take place.  Check out our Schoology help page for more details.  If you are a parent, pay particular attention to the Schoology Bootcamp information.  


FOR PARENTS: I am a parent.  How do I get to my Schoology account?
SOLUTION: Parents can sign in through the app after downloading it from the app store, or by going to  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.  If you are having trouble with your password, you can click "Forgot your password" and follow the prompts to reset it.   DIRECTIONS HERE.

CLEVER ERROR: I am trying to sign into Clever, but I get an error message telling me to clear my cookies.  What do I do?
SOLUTION: Clear your browsing history.  Use these steps to help.  The most important steps are selecting "all time" from the time range, then closing out of all Chrome tabs.  



WACOM: How do I use the Wacom?
SOLUTION: The Wacom will plug right into the Chromebook and connect as an external track pad and stylus.   Watch this video for more information


HOT SPOT: I have a BCPSS Hot Spot, but I am not sure how to use it. 
SOLUTION: Power it on and connect it to the student laptop using the SSID (network name) and password on the back.  Please only connect the student laptop to the hot spot.  Watch this video to learn more  

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