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“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
- Albert Einstein

Charged to SOAR!

This is a summary our our behavioral expectations for our Charm City Virtual community!



  • Follow instructions 

  • Wait for your turn to speak or contribute

  • Use the raise your hand feature to speak 

  • Utilize chat features appropriately



  • Log in on time 

  • Be present/actively engaged 

  • Cameras on 

  • Have a backup plan if you get disconnected



  • Complete tasks on time/Stay on top of assignments 

  • Be prepared 

  • Complete preparation work

  • Reach out to the teacher for help 

  • Share and collaborate 

  • Write in complete sentences 

  • Create a schedule/space to complete assignments



  • Mute microphone when others are speaking 

  • Respect others’ perspectives 

  • Use kind words 

  • Use proper text etiquette

  • Help each other during group assignments and in designated meeting rooms 

  • Resolve conflict peacefully

School Pledge

Today is a new day 
I will approach challenges without fear 
I am charged to persevere 
I have self-control and I am bold
I am on task and you don’t have to ask
I am accountable to all and ready
We are moving forward swift and steady
Our community is polite and founded on respect
We listen to others and ideas we won’t neglect
Yesterday is behind us
Today is brand new
I am ready to SOAR
How about you?

School Chant

Charged up, powered up (x2)
I collaborate
And I’m honorable
Accountable, reflective
I’m ready to SOAR!
‘Cuz I am gracious
And I’m always engaged!
Disciplined to fly
It’s all the rage!
Charged up, powered up (x2)
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